There is one distinct view about dream interpretation, which is part of pop-culture. It is the idea that you can interpret your dream by matching the things you see or experience with common objects, animals, symbols and e.t.c that are discussed in a Dream Dictionary or an online site. The idea is that you want to try to “understand” your dreams. For instance, if you see a whirlpool in your dream it means emotional turmoil. If your writing in your dream perhaps its a symbol of communication. Though, interesting this might be, matching objects or other images, that already have certain meanings attached to them in dictionaries, what is the point? These interpretations are not really telling you much about what you saw or how you felt. A dictionary full of fortune-telling is not good enough. Not for me. My wild guess is that the brain is “cleaning” or “reorganizing” or reworking events, images and feeling through the day. And, because we are rational creatures, even in this state of rest, we rest with images, and we go on peculiar emotional journeys, perhaps even into the subconscious. Random images, and thoughts from our waking-world, perhaps “mix around” to create a kind of “soup” filled with ideas…thoughts…and feelings. We wake up, and maybe we enjoyed the ride or we didn’t, but our dreams, are ours, they are part of our experience, whether we know what they are or not, but surely simple little forune-telling will not do.