As an entirely new fan of Green Lantern, it has taken me some time to start my discussions on the comic with some sense of grounding.  Watching Green Lantern John Steward, back in the day, as a team member of the Justice League Unlimited (JLU), the animated series produced by Warner Bros., I admired the Green Lantern, but otherwise I did not think to dive into the actual comics. It’s not that I never thought of looking into the comics, but I was quite aware of the long history of comics in general, and felt I was too much behind to pick up from any one point.
About two years ago, I finally picked up my first DC graphic novel. It was Superman/ Batman. I really loved these two characters interacting with each other. I realized I did not have to know EVERYTHING about the series in order to get the story-lines, especially those already put together in the graphic novels. Since then, I have continued to collect the series.
But, it wasn’t until after watching the Green Lantern movie in the summer of 2011, even despite the poor reception of the film, that I found my self again interested in Green Lantern.
What especially became interesting to me was the dynamic relationship between the brash superhero Hal Jordan and his former teacher, turned enemy, Sinestro. I found out of course, that Sinestro had been Hal Jordan’s greatist enemy for years. Perhaps from a few other obvious Hallmarks, it is this rivalry that most associate with the Green Lantern (in respect to Hal Jordan). In the past recent years of the GL univesrse, I think especially from Blackest Night, Hal and Sinestro’s relationshp has continued be more complicated, and these characters have become favorites.
Geoff Johns has described the rival relationship between the superhero Hal Jordan and the anti-hero Sinestro as one that is pretty complicated. He says that there is, “mutual respect and distrust and a hint of jealousy and all sorts of things between those two.” He also says that it’s always fun writing about that.
I wanted to further understand and explore their history as hero and enemy. In fact, Sinestro himself is a character that I find very appealing. It didn’t help at all that the talented Mark Strong was the actor who played Sinestro in the movie either. Sinestro is that mixture of good and bad- which is my favorite type of anti-hero.
So, not too long after, I went out to pick up any Green Lantern graphic novel that I could find. It happened to be the War of the Green Lanterns, that I finally picked up.
After jumping into the series, during the War of the Green Lanterns, it would seem that I would be totally lost. After all, the Blackest Night had already passed me, not to mention the Sinestro Corps War. Yet, the complexity of the Green Lantern universe that DC Comics had built, and is continuing to build, especially with the help of Geoff Johns’ writing, is exciting, and not overwhelming. In fact, now as I consider it, it was kinda fun trying to put everything together; all the little details about the rings, and sectors, and what-not. It was exciting to try to figure out the world since Rebirth.
And soon after that, I heard that DC was planning to have a major re-launch of most of their comics, and this event they called the New 52. I got excited that I was going to have a chance to finally read Green Lantern. When I picked GL #1, I realized that Green Lantern was not a reboot! However, this did not concern me as much because I was excited that I actually knew what was going on after reading the War of the Green Lanterns. In fact, the event had spurred me to start reading comics (I’m sure that part of that reboot was an invitation for newcomers).
So, what is cool about the Green Lantern- of today?
The Guardians of the Universe:

Though the Specter (the angel of vengeance) has appeared before in Green Lantern, and all sorts of other powerful beings have battled within this universe, The Guardians are a ancient force who are considred the first intelligent beings in the universe.
As I learn more about The Guardians, I see them as one of the most predominate forces that affect the Green Lantern corps and the universe (although their powers are to me mysterious).
It is they who have chosen to hide their emotions in exchange for logic. As the Green Lantern universe is more revealed by the current writers, they have feared emotion so much that they have put away the entity of Fear all together. There only true believe is that Will is the most except-able emotion in the Universe, also the most balanced on the emotional spectrum; in other words, it is the one emotion that The Guardians approve of, and create the Green Lantern Corps to protect the universe from Fear.
But, most often, they find themselves at odds with the Green Lantern corps, and the situations that end up coming their way, for their recruiters are not unfamiliar with emotions, and in fact, use them to their advantage.
Hal Jordan:

Though there are many Green Lanterns to name that fans have considered their favorites, despite the fact that I have taken a liking to some of them myself, Hal Jordan is my favorite because he is not the perfect model of a superhero. O.k, so there are many like that. Despite not being a kid anymore, he’s brash, cocky, irresponsible, and still has a lot to learn. What I like best about him is that his personality is hard to forget. He can’t be hated really, he comes around, and does the right thing, and everyone eventually believes in him, is proud of him, or at least consideres him cool. It is because of his strong will, but imperfect nature, that makes him apposite of The Guardians, Sinestro, and any other characters that prize themselves on discipline, and order. Yet, deep inside, Hal is an emotional character, who tries his best to do the right thing, even if that means he will go against the guardians or support his enemies. And all in all, he is a proud Green Lantern, considered by many to be the best one.
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