I’m “participating” in the National Novel Writing Month, but can’t say I will finish in time. I must have 50,000 words at the end of this month, and right now, I have 11,324. Distractions here, there, but still I have no excuse. I need at least 2,000 something words a day. This is going to be difficult, but so far, I have to say, I had fun writing, and letting the words make ideas and connections on their own. I only guided my self generally. I am writing a sci-fiction “novel”, but honestly all I have really written are loosely related ideas. Here is the first post. I will share a few of my favorite excerpts in each post. (Note: I didn’t edit this much, but a little, to make a little sense lol.)


Intelligence does not just appear, out of nowhere, to look at its surroundings and say, ‘hey, I can see, I can think, I can speak.’


Intelligence is not that known. It crawls first in the minds, little minds, the size of pins or apples, or oranges, and then somewhere in the bush, one behavior to another, one process to the next, something happens; but, it does not happen from no course before it. It happens over-time, a time of millions, perhaps trillions, just so an ‘I’ can walk upon the plains of its ancestors and request, no, demand, it’s right to exist. But, even with its demands, it still does, it still is, and so it has been here within the breath, and darkness of life, and space, and light; it should showcase itself.


But, it does not have to be. It can go back, transform, be something else, as it moves along, with no stop, there is no limit. Yet, there is a limit to its ‘I’ and so it will never be the same again. yet it should be liberated from being something solid, time-less, a classic, a rock of ages, that sits upon the surface of a mountain. Yet, it is not liberated because it will have to change and therefore change into an ‘I’ no more, or to another form of ‘I’ (who knows). So, it likes to direct its thoughts to a circle of ‘I’s’ that dance around the ‘big I’. There is no more past or futures without harming the ‘I’ that has privileges. The ‘I’ eternal. It is what it wants.