We are looking at art on the wall that is half ruined. It looks like squids and lines and shapes and they look like they are made from frosting. Someone says that the art was ruined by the refrigerator. The art was made for the kitchen wall, but the refrigerator ruined it.


There is another display shown, but this time they are book shelves. Patricia says she decorated the book selves by her bed with bunnies. She is very excited to show the artist how she made the book shelf better by adding her touch.  The stuffed bunnies sit everywhere on the book shelf. I touch them, and move them around on the shelf so that they are properly facing the audience looking at them.


We are late. I don’t know who is with me. They say you can leave your car here. I do. We walk to a porch.  My boss is dressed in some kind of cowboy get-up. She is wearing a large black bow tie. They have started eating. My mom arrives. She wants a picture by the limo. I didn’t even know there was a limo. I quickly eat the food. I feel like they are eating more than I am, but I don’t see any other food that they are eating.


Someone says at the table, “can you double ticket them?”  I quickly go back to my car. My car has a large ticket on it! It’s like a large card. I don’t even bother to check how much the ticket will cost me. I am angry and I take the ticket off the car. I have another car which is the car I just drove in. I leave the car on the side of the road. I look back at my car that I have parked and a guy is now trying to tow it! He is putting chains on the car. I say..”I am here.”  I can’t believe he is trying to tow my car while I’m already here. I tell him I do not know where he will go with my car. He then goes to the other car, and back and forth he tries to take one of them. I say that I will not pay for anything else but this ticket. He says he needs money and we decide that I will give him extra four dollars.


I find a book. It is red. There is writing on the cover. They say she doesn’t use it anymore. The priestess or a female priest; they say she was given the book as a journal, but she doesn’t write in it.  I write in it. I start to write a name.  It is not my name and I don’t know what name to choose so I just write anything. Someone says, “What are you writing?” They do not look or sound pleased that I did not write my real name. I write a few other things on the first page of this book. They later say, “Why did you write in it, it’s not yours”. They say we will have to ask them if it is o.k. for me to keep it.


There is a couple walking up a pale yellow marble stair case.  There is a sunset. The water from the ocean shines in the distance. I am walking by them.  It is the last day. That is what they say- the prediction of the end of the world- is today.


I walk towards a door, while still enjoying the peace and quiet of this beautiful place and the sunset. Suddenly, in the distance, I see a giant pyramid appear. It has a face. It is one of the Easter Island statues. It is flying slowly as if taking its time.


So, it is the end after all.


I run to the door, it opens, and I am inside a small, silver, metal compartment full of buttons and a small window. I give out some random commands to the ship, while it starts to move down to the ground like an elevator. I say something like, “control of the ship only under my voice,”  all though I hesitate speaking the last part of the command. It seems to be a final command to the ship, as if I will not trust anyone to control it when the alien ships get here.


The ship goes down like a drill into the ground. The drill is still slightly seen from the ground, but even grass appears out of nowhere so that the drill hole is covered.


A large ship is coming this way. It seems that the thing to do is to hide from being noticed.


A bunch of people are inside a building. There are many red curtains around. I am with them now. We go to this room and start to undress.  At least two men approach me naked. I remember that I do not feel amused rather I feel that the whole situation is not intimate at all.  There are two women and two men in the room with me.  Eventually one of the men wants to have sex with this girl who he always envied; she’s skinny, but has this floppy stomach.  But before anything happens, there is the sound of machinery. The ship has arrived. I run towards the curtains and try to close them, but they keep on moving around in the wind, since the windows are either closed or just are not there at all. The sun keeps peaking through them.


We all lay down under the beds now trying to hide. I start to calculate something under my breath. I start to whisper some coordinates and numbers, while I write with a finger on the dusty ground. I’m trying to raise a force field of some kind and to tell someone apparently where I am located. But, no one responds and nothing happens. I do not believe that anything will work. I feel useless. I stand up.


The machine feels like it will be here soon in our room. Everyone else is still hiding, but I run towards a door and then start my way downstairs to some basement. I see a bathroom. The noise of the machine is behind me. It has seen me.