Jonathan Graystar was not a man who always smiled; on the contrary, he almost never smiled, except when a pair of lovely blue or green eyes happened to look at him. With his own green eyes, and tall, handsome frame, well he knew he wasn’t bad looking. So the girl that would turn towards him first, he would smile, and if she pretended not to see him, and maybe even blush, if she was that kinda girl, he would wonder if she would follow him. But, he usually didn’t do more then that. It was only his ego boost, and it was enough. They were not allowed to have relations of any kind on board and he was o.k. with that because most of his ego boosts came from cracking the skulls of his enemies. Those were the only relations that were allowed of course. And, he was glad, because he was that kind of a guy. Although, there was one girl who never really smiled at him. She was not really his type, and so sometimes he did not even bother to try.


Eagle was tall, almost 6’2, with brown hair, and copper colored eyes. He was a sharp shooter, even for his kind, always able to aim at something without timing the shot; it was remarkable to see. He did it without effort, like they had designed him. And, when he lost his one eye, during a particular nasty fight, he aimed and shot the lost target, that had crawled into his scope, with no hesitation. He was a natural. When others thought of him as just a thing, an android, and laught at the fact that he could be shot from afar because he was after all a large men, he did not say a word. And, when he bled, he bled red, and they would shut up for a while. But, when he could have a chance to see the infinite collective of stars just from his post, he would draw his eyes towards them and obsereved and wonder when would be the pilot and not just a gun at his post.


Thesis had short, cropped, blue hair, and black eyes, deep and sometimes frightning as a void. She was not a very big person, but her strength and endurance had been on display before. She saved a entire school of young students taking a trip for the first time in a large galactic space craft. She had secured almost thirty doors in place, handling all of the air locks, and making sure all of the young humans had survived. They have talked of her rescue for months. She was not made for rescue missions but was part of the science sector. The industry had not built many of hers, as she was a test model for the new 700 series. This made her more unique then the others, although she did not analyze that much.