An angel slowly approaches a door, and opens it carelessly, stumbling to the other side. Another angel follows him.


“Where are you going?” he asks.


“I don’t care what I imagine on the other side; I’m dying.”


The angel walks on to a wooden balcony, that is covered lightly with snow, and lies down on his stomach. The other, who has questioned him, steps through the door after and stands a few feet away.


“You like this better…for her to be mad at you.”


He doesn’t answer and the other goes through the door and leaves.   A girl opens the door minutes after and runs to the angel. This time he turns his head, and looks behind him to see who has come in, but then quickly turns his head away when she stops in front of him.


“Oh you don’t have that much now.”


She whispers and touches his back. He stays quiet and she kneels next to him, smiling.


“Didn’t we enjoy watching ‘Law and Order’ together’?”