Can we make a man into something else then a man?

What should you say of a she, walking in the wilderness, with a body of a goddess, and a mind, worldly, with a power to sting?


Is there no man in her, no darkness, urges of fire and might, thoughts of  greatness, wisdom and might?  Maybe,  even war? They make us proud, some of these men, with thoughts of might and greatness. Does she not make us proud? Do we not want to be like her? Do we cast her as our “second”, who belongs to men, just to long for her, write to her, and try to figure her out? Does she not belong in our songs, and in our books of heroes and gods? Is she not a complicated being, perhaps even more beloved then we think of ourselves?


And yet, a woman and a man are somewhat different, and difference is not a synonym for sameness, but different. Therefore, should they be treated differently, not equal, but with respect to what they are? Has it been too long to come back to this question? Has it been too long to ask what a man and a woman should be like?


But, what are they, what are we? Whatever that may be, ends up being the real problem. But with respect to one another, atleast they are human.


Because, without a doubt, a woman is a human creature of divine inspiration!  Is she not? Even, if some believe, women are all the same, she cannot be the same compared to a droid. Some say, a droid is a thing of one task and of one mind. They do not make them individual.


So, the droid, who is not a man or a woman, is liberated from that problem of the sex.  After all, it is a droid, not a sexual being, not a human with needs.


Yet, just like that, it falls into the cracks of a ‘thing’ and ‘it’, a ‘not-living’, a ‘not-human’ thing, becomes that thing. It is no longer something else, but a thing, and a thing is not the same as a men or a women, it is a thing not human. Anything, no doubt, that is not human is below us on the chain of being.


So, what really makes a human a human and an android an android? Equality is long from here.


Thesis, the only true woman that I have ever loved, who unfortunately is not a woman at all, but a droid, an android, wrote to me this once, and I will share with you this part of her letter. But to my own defense, I say, I find it a bit too harsh, as if she thought little of my interest and passion for nature and equality, and the philosophical ideas of existence. I must have upset her one day as we spoke, but that was not my intention.


“And all the things that just look to be here, just to walk upon, to jump here and there, all these things, you say are not here? Do not belong with men?  To say, they do not belong to the world because they are not men is to say, for instance, that our star, that cannot speak or have a mind of it’s own, is not here,  not really alive, and therefore is unequal to you.  Maybe, we can even say,  the star does not keep our place alive and YOU alive. My dear man, your questions are interesting, it is exactly how they should be. But, I do not think that any being can take a being away from its self. It is not just a man. It is not just a woman. It is not just a android. As all time-substances we are here and real in the cosmos of time and space. Nothing is unreal, untrue, nonliving in this space. Although, someday we will not exist in time because we were, and no longer are, there was a time that we were. It is difficult to understand, Peter, what it means. If any words can describe for us, beings that know of existence, what it means to be alive, it would be the greatist truth. But if words do not come, which could challenge our questions, atleast see that things are not separable in such ways as you think they can be.”


This is a re-work from my writings for: The National Novel Writing Month. Please check excerpt 1 for the info if you like.*