An airplane, a jumbo jet, loses all power and is falling straight down into an aircraft carrier.

The captain tries to steer the giant ship away to avoid the plane.

The jet misses the carrier by a few hundred yards and falls into the ocean.

All important members of the aircraft carrier stand on the deck and receive silver medals.


There is an Russian soldier who smiles and mutters something in Russian, when he receives the medal.

Everyone claps.

But, the pilot of the plane is alive.

It happens to be Will Smith.


He somehow manages to get out of the plane and crawl his way into the ship.


I seem to know that feat of missing the ship was the pilot’s own skill not theirs. So, I tell him he has to leave the ship because he’ll get in trouble and if the crew finds out he is still alive they might kill him instead of giving up their medals.

He doesn’t want to leave, but I give him a whole pack of cigars. He’s like, “a whole pack!” and takes them with him. I tell him my name is “Ally” and I write it down on cardboard at least three times