It had been a long day. He took a sip of water from the water fountain..ghastly taste. One more interview and he was going home..finally. He walked back to his office, and set down. Minutes later however there was a light scratch at the door. He ignored it thinking it was the staff cleaning the school hallway. It really was getting late.


scratch, scratch, scratch..


He looked at the door. The little glass window was covered by a piece of wood with a smiley face on it. It was a student project from wood shop, he unfortunately got it as a gift. It did it’s service however as no one was able to peak their annoying head and look in at him working. The down side of it was that he didn’t know if anyone was actually at the door.


scratch, scratch, scratch..


It was getting louder, this scratching noise. He realized it was intentional and so communicative, and he realized it must be his last interviewer.


“Come in, the door is open” he said loudly.


He waited a minute or two but no one was coming in. He stood up and approached the door, opening it with a small sigh.


“I said it is…” He looked in the hall and was puzzled that no one was there.


“Good evening.” He heard a deep, rich, but rather pleasant voice coming from below.


He looked down and there set a large black cat. It had yellow colored eyes that were looking straight at him. The cat was adorned with white cufflinks which where on his paws, and a little black bow tie was tied to its neck. He held a white folder underneath his left paw and a little purple umbrella in his right paw.


He burst laughing.


“Yes that is what I need, funny guys.”


He looked right and left, but there was no answer. The hallway was empty and quiet.


Who would dress up a cat and leave it next to his door? He wondered and looked at it. It was still looking at him, and was very still. He had the urge to poke it with something, just in case it was not even real. But, who scratched at the door, and who was in the hall talking to him? He needed to go home now.


The cat stared at him and he looked away to see if anyone was in the hall again. Stepping around the cat, and he looked right and left again, and walked a few steps in both directions before he came back to his office door. The cat was still sitting, but his head turned to look up at him. It wasn’t stuffed after all.


“Good evening.” He froze as he looked at it and this time he heard it speak. There was a deep voice, and it was emitted from the cat. He was sure. It did not move its mouth, but he had just heard it speak.


He wanted to close the door, and go home, but he just moved back slowly into his office, careful now not to touch it, and he quickly turned around and walked to his desk feeling like it took him longer then usually to reach it. Once he was behind the desk, he turned around and looked at the cat sitting outside his office. There really was a cat and it had said something or he thought it did or someone said something. No time to waste anymore, if he was going to do this, whatever he was doing, he might as well do it. He cleared his throat.


“Ah, good evening.”


“Is this the office?”


It had spoken, he knew it.


“ah well it is an office. yeah, yes.”


“I hope I am not too late for the job position?”